VR enthusiast
A lifestyle that started in early 2020.
Seeing alot of possibilities long term for VR/AR/MR.
From immersive media, to history preservation..
From social aspects, to safe training for dangerous jobs..
All the way to relaxation/ meditation.
It's all a foundation in which I found my passion in.
3D assets
VR opened me to push my CAD design (interior/pc/speaker) skills to a new high. Purely to create my own experiences, and my own assets, materials.
That, and also learning to use more programs (like Unity or Blender). Exploring and sharing my assets through first person experiences.
Since the first months of using social VR environments in desktop mode, I saw potential for myself in exercise.
Not just any regular exercise, as I knew that would be too 'boring' to keep up.
Dancing being the way to go, especially after attending some freestyle club dance events in VR.
Dance styles that I usually dance in:
[Freestyle - Belly - Lap - Hip-hop - Contemporary] - dancing.
Doing this mostly on my own and sharing media to Twitter.
Sometimes attending dance lessons in VR, and gaining alot of knowledge as result.
Pretty open in general, yet usually not taking first step.
I'm pretty curious, happy, expressive and quirky\.
For the moments I am mute, a lot of body language is expressed.
Phantom sense (training)
I am affected by alot of areas through phantom sense, including but not limited to:
Scent, touch, temperature, pain, restraints.
Alot of environments inpact me aswell, like feeling rain hit my shoulders as example.
But, just like IRL with anything: get my consent first.
Very open to discussion on it, and love to give phantom sense training to willing people.
Stats (2022-05-22)
2700+ hours of VRChat
2500+ hours of VR in general
2200+ hours of socializing in VR (since June 1 2021)
Endless list of social memories made. 💗
I am defenitely no expert or trained professional in anything that I stated.
Though I defenitely love to socialize, with helping people be more immersed through creating/sharing/showing memories and giving experiences to people where I can.