VR enthusiast
VR, a passion that started in early 2020, 21 years after my first PC.
I saw alot of possibilities long term for virtual / mixed reality environments the moment I gained interest.
From immersive media, to history preservation; From new social aspects, to safe training for dangerous jobs; All the way to relaxation / meditation.
It's all a foundation in which I found my passion in, am expanding in, and love to educate / guide people in.
3D environments
VR allowed me to push my hobby interior design skills to a new high. Mainly because of one aspect: you're not just looking at your creation, but you can be in it.
This opened my mind to create my own experiences, more models, finding efficienter ways of creating this. Purely to experience them first hand and explore those with others.
It also made me interested and willing to start learning to use new softwares to me, like Blender and Unity.
Exploring and sharing my assets through first person experiences with others gives me alot of insight and feedback. Its also a nice motivator.
Since the first months of using VR environments in desktop mode, I saw potential for myself in exercise.
Not just any regular exercise, as I knew that would be too 'boring' to keep up. But a mix of aerobics, hiit and dancing.
Initially dancing being the focus seeing others perform dances in some freestyle club dance events in VR.
It was the driver to get myself a VR headset with a full body tracked setup as soon as i could.
Dance styles that I usually dance in:
[Freestyle - Belly - Lap - Hip-hop - Contemporary] - dancing.
Doing this mostly on my own and sharing media to my socials.
Sometimes attending dance lessons in VR, and gaining alot of knowledge as result.
I also tend to excise in VR quite a bit as side activity. The applications i use for it rangfe from VRchat to Moonrider, from Bodycombat to Hitstream.
Others see me as a pretty open minded VR bunny in general from what I gather, yet I'm usually not taking first step on interacting.
I tend to be very curious, happy, expressive and quirky, sometimes I dont feel like talking and am a partial mute.
My mind can get easily lost by the immersion VR gives me, and thus my brain fills in some gaps on senses.
Those usually are fine with me, like, if you want to headpat me, but ask for consent first if you feel like punching me through VR.
Its a thing called 'phantom sense' online, it essentially boils down to the rubber hand expiriment, which tricks your brain into feeling things that aren't actually happening.
If you ask me about it, or want me to help test if you have it, or enhance it, im more than willing for it if the time is right.
Over 3000 hours of socializing in VR.
In top 10 Hitstream players (one-year) in some journeys.
Equipment: Pico 4, Pico neo 3 link, full Valve index kit, 5x vive 3.0 trackers.
Endless list of real memories made/experiences received. 💗
I am defenitely no expert or trained professional in anything that I stated.
Though I defenitely love to socialize, with helping people be more immersed through creating/sharing/showing memories and giving experiences to people where I can.